"maker-creator is an organization that consistently delivers results"

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Mission Statement

The maker-creator organization will demonstrate consistency of character based on unchanging moral and ethical principles.  We will remain committed to high-quality performance that produces outstanding results of lasting value.  The maker-creator organization must not violate the trust placed in it by its members, employees, supporters, suppliers, customers, and business associates.  The maker-creator organization believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it, by tenacity and perseverance alone, if necessary.

What We Do

The maker-creator organization is a global technology and business consulting company.  Our entire focus, and everything we do is driven by creating value.  We are obsessive about returning quality results.  When consulting, we tell the truth rather than simply fixing symptoms – not always most efficient, but far more helpful.  We deliver incremental, quantifiable results.  We put our customers interests ahead of our own.

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals committed to providing consistently exceptional service.  We accomplish this by taking a collaborative approach with our clients – we ingratiate ourselves as part of a team. We look beyond simply designing to build and work to understand the business objectives so we can create solutions that deliver a competitive-edge and commercial opportunities. We are consultants who are not afraid to challenge and innovate. You will find our culture is one of pride, passion, support and integrity.

Projects from the Team

Multi Media Bar

The Studio

As an organization focused on both the business and creative side of technology, it was important for Maker-Creator.com to have an environment that would allow both to flourish. As part of that, we’ve established an studio presence in downtown San Jose that offers an environment to create images unmatched in the traditional studio environment. Located on the 13th floor of an historic Bank of America building, the attic studio maintains the rustic charm that one would expect in an attic while offering all the modern conveniences needed to capture...